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MegaMan Universe Tribute in 8-Bit by N64Mario84 MegaMan Universe Tribute in 8-Bit by N64Mario84
As a tribute to a cancelled game, I have made a few sprites of the characters shown in the game's character builder video, in 8-bit style.

These are only the standing sprites I have done. I have not yet made a full sheet of any of these characters yet.

If you are wondering why they all look similar to Mega Man (Even Metto Man), well, if you seen the trailer videos, they actually do look like that. Except for Chop Man's body & legs, I actually thought Metal Man's real body sprite, and Quick Man's legs actually looked good on him. Though I could probably do Chop Man's body using Mega Man's body as a base. I'd then redraw Metal Man's body design for Chop Man, just so it would stick with the rest of the sprite style of the other characters (Mega Man's body being the base). but I really wanted to have at least one character sprite design with another body style instead of using Mega Man's body for every one of these. That was actually going to be the one of the main features of Mega Man Universe's character builder, if memory serves. To be able to body swap with other characters. I think Chop Man, and Metto Man were probably one of my best tries at re-designing them in 8-bit style.

I really wish this game was not cancelled. It would have been a really fun game.

Mega Man / Rock Man by Capcom. The original sprite of Mega Man is there just to show the complete set shown from the game.
RockmanForte Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
Not really.. RM and MM are the same design for Japan and America but BBA MM is ugly and cool sprite at the same time. :)
NoahTH Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
This looks great!
TheRealMegaMan Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012
Amazing,i wish Capcom actually released the game
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