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Yoku Man done with Pixel Blocks by N64Mario84 Yoku Man done with Pixel Blocks by N64Mario84
One of the things I asked for my birthday was one of the Pixel Block sets. I really enjoy doing pixel art, and so this was something I was really wanting to do for some time now. Not just computer digital pixel art, but to re-create pixel art this way.

This is my friend, StarsimsUniverse own fan made Robot Master, Yoku Man. I made it entirely out of the pixel blocks I got for my birthday.

Unfortunately from the set I have, I ran out of the black ones. That is why part of the side of his shoulder pad outline there is brown. I had to use a different color.

I also ran out of the dark blue ones, but I was lucky enough to have a few light blue ones left to finish his other arm. So that's why his other arm is lighter blue than the other one is.

The only other way was for me to perfect this is to buy another set to get more of the black & blue pieces needed to correct the colors necessary. But I only have one of the Pixel Block pack/sets at the time I did this, and took this picture.

I actually had a really fun time making this with the pixel blocks. Though I got a bit aggravated some time due to some of the pieces either falling off, or some pieces getting a bit 'too' stuck. But I think I manged this one pretty well.

In all honesty, I really hoped the Pixel Block set I got would give me more than enough pieces for me to work with to make this perfect, but I guess I was wrong. Even with the largest set/pack they had available, I still ran out of the colors I wanted to use to make this. Oh well, least least I tried my best. That's all I can do.

This picture was taken with my iPhone 4S.
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I randomly look on dA and I find a pic from N64Mario. Chance of a million to one.
Now back to pic. This makes it even harder for me to wait for the game. Good job.
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April 19, 2012
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